2020-02-26(水)18:30 - 21:00



500円 会場払い


Give form to your ideas with like-minded people

SUGEE Osaka is aiming to create SUGEE moments where ambitious ideas are realized. There are a lot of people in Osaka or Kansai area in Japan who have unique ideas and are thinking about how to realize them, however, because of the lack of English information or opportunities, most of such people cannot get enough support for actualizing it.

SUGEE Meetup connects you with such people and provides learning & co-creating opportunities for idea-forming.

In this time, our theme is “Application of Machine Learning and Cognitive Neuroscience to Brain-Controlled Robotics”.
Today, Machine Learning is one of the most  attractive technologies for people who are thinking about creating innovative ideas. In fact, various uses of Machine Learning has been tried for several years. 
In this meetup, we invite Dr. Christian Penaloza, Managing director of Mirai Innovation Research Institute Japan, and think about how to make use of Machine Learning and Cognitive Neuroscience technologies to realize unique ideas.

1. Introduction of SUGEE OSAKA (18:30-18:40)
2.  Presentation by Dr. Penaloza (18:40-19:40)
Application of Machine Learning and Cognitive Neuroscience to Brain-Controlled Robotics. 
3. Introduction of INNO-vation and short session on INNO-vation Grand Challenge. (19:50-20:30)
4. Free Chat (20:30-21:00)


About INNO-vation Program
The INNO-vation Program has been designed to create new, disruptive, and global-scale value in the ICT (*) field by supporting extraordinarily ambitious technology challenges which have great possibilities. The Program aims to support bold challenges by creative thinkers who, unfettered by conventional wisdom and unafraid of failure, are able to think differently and to take action in order to create something from nothing. It is run by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan and Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories,Inc.
*ICT: Information and Communication Technology

In this Meetup, we will provide you the opportunity that you can “feel” what is INNO-vation.

★Who can join?
Wherever you are from, Japanese or foreigners, as long as you are passionate about business, we all welcome you!
*This is ALL English event.
★Date : February 26th 2020, From 18:30 to 21:00
★Fee : 500yen for a drink and chips(Pay on the day)
We have free chat time for 30 minuites after our speaker's presentation.
★Place:Scribble Osaka Lab(Dozimafukagawa Bld.3F, 2-5-3, Nishitenma, Osaka-Shi Kita-Ku, Osaka-Fu, 530-0047, Japan)

★Guest Speaker :
Dr. Christian Penaloza holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from San Diego State University, a Masters in Engineering Science and Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics from Osaka University. Currently, he is the CEO & Managing Director of Mirai Innovation Research Institute, a research institute specializing in emergent technology research projects. He awarded as « 10 most innovators under 35 years old Mexico » by MIT Technology Review Magazine recognized in 2016. Due to his professional achievements and contributions to science and technology, in August 2018 the Mexican government awarded him with the “Distinguished Mexican Citizen” award.


It is a multi-support media run by Scribble Osaka Lab that helps foreigners in starting a business in Osaka, Japan. We provide various information and  Networking opportunities in English. (

INNO-vation Network SOL
This school is intended to bring together creative thinkers in Osaka and Kansai area through English information and opportunities. These unique and diverse thinkers can then work together on the INNO Grand Challenge. 
Feel free to contact us:




ソレイユデータ道場では、中小企業の経営者、起業家、研究者、IT技術者、学生、データサイエンティストらが集まり、自分たちの手で中小企業の現場のデータ分析を実践します。 普段あまり社会的接点のない異質な者同士の集まりから、新たな知見やイノベーションの創出を目指します。 1.目的 ソレイユデータ道場は、主として下記の4つの場として機能し、関西圏におけるデータサイエンス分野の裾野の拡大と中小企業...